Sunday, July 11, 2010

And did I ever say I love birds?

Birds! How beautiful they are. Some of you know I have a great parrot who I rescued a long time ago. Sam is in his 30's now and is a delight. I have always been fascinated by birds of all sorts. IN my design life I have painted quite a few birds. I will try to take new photos of them and post them to the blog.

I love antique prints. The old French ones are out of my budget ranch so I painted 3 beautiful birds in the style of the old French Prints. Now that I can afford, All I need to do is either stitch them or paint them on painters canvas. When I have time.

They are all on eggshell canvas, 18M and can be needlepointed with a single strand of floss in the direction of the feathers. Don't be scared by them. Less is best. They are painted in a very realistic style so to try to cover it up with a fancy stitch would simply kill the canvas. I also say, there is nothing more elegant than a perfectly tent stitched canvas. Maybe an ANG Princess Grace Award awaits one of these bird designs?

They come on large margin canvas cuts so you can have plenty of room to design a classy border. The margins are well over 2 inches.

OW08 Oriental Pheasant 9x12 on 18M Eggshell

OW09 Old World Parrot 8x12 on 18M Eggshell

OW10 Conure 5.5 x 9 on 18M Eggshell

And a fun little toucan I really want to stitch. Eventually I will do her mate, Toucan Cancan. This one is called Toucan Tutu.

CT46 Toucan Tutu 8x10 on 18M

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