Sunday, June 21, 2009

I got back from TNNA market on Wednesday night late after driving through some serious storms.

The show was great and I sold my fair share of new designs so look out for them soon.

I will finally have a few new stitch guides. Several of the students and clients at Gazebo Plus in New Hope PA did some amazing needlepoint and are offering me their notes to develop stitch guides.

I will have some photos up in the next few days.

As another designer/blogger noted, it takes a good week for our brains to arrive back home.

Today is a lazy Sunday. I am working between needlepointing three canvases, a little knitting and some computer work. Nothing like a nice Sunday nap. But not this week. Too much to do.

Tomorrow is another day and I will be back with more news.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

CT35 is a newer canvas that now has a Sharon G Stitch guide. Love the bamboo borders.
D31 is Maria's Door. Maria is owner of Fireside Stitchery in PA. On a trip to Positano Italy, her husband took the photo of this wonderful old deteriorated gate and wall. I am mid way done stitching it now and should have the guide done within a month. The gate is done in Japan Threads from Kreinik. I have the gate half done but it is not shown as stitched in this slightly older photo.

This is 6x6 04, the left side of a triptych. Don't you love the Japan Thread in the Dragonfly.

6x6-04 DONE!

CT46, Toucan Tutu is an 8x10 fun canvas. I loved painting it and can't wait to stitch him, or is it her. Look for a mate, Toucan Can Can coming in a few months.

BH03 Ho! Ho! Ho! BH stands for behinds. I always loved those painted donkeys, horses, pig and whatever you see in all the towns. I will expand the series but for a start, I did 3. I might so Behinds of the month or whatever inspires me. I always said if you can't be different, don't bother. The BH series is 8x10. Good pillow size or a nice framed size

BH 02 Graphic Girls an 8x10 canvas on 18M.

BH01 Flower Girls is also 8x10 on 18M

10x10 01 is the cousin to the pastel flowers below. What an elegant pillow this will be. You can have it in pastels or black.

6x6-07 is a companion in pastels to a great canvas I did in metallic colors on black. It is a 6x6 but also comes in a 4x6, a 10x10 in pastels or in black. I do have a guide on the way for the 4x6 in black which can be adapted to any of the other colors and sizes. Love the background.

Here are some of my new items. Corners is a classic I did back in 1991 and thought it was time to show it again. It is 8x10.