Tuesday, June 06, 2006

End of Artist Block in the Nick of Time

Here is what I have been doing for the past few days. I happened to have a bad case of Artist Block. Never happened before. Must have been the gardening I had to endure and the sun on my head!

But I managed to create 6 new exciting designs.

I finally did a Dog Walk to complement the Cat Walk I did a few months ago. I had to include sight hounds. She is walking a greyhound. You can see the elegant Whippet looking back and to the right is my Phyllis, the Italian Greyhound.

Next one is Fish Out of Water. Haven't we all felt that way? This one was fun and the fish were a final thought. I painted some squiggels but did not like them. Then I needed to cover them up. Here comes the black paint. But you could see the metallic shine through the paint so I added some metallic over the black. Then it looked odd. Not that I mind odd. Odd is interesting to me.

Then I got the idea. Paint fish. So I did and now we have Fish out of Water.

I want to stitch this one myself. Bead the fish!

Then I moved over to abstracts. I love to paint them and love to needlepoint them. You really do not have to pay attention to realism, only have fun.

Expresso was fun to paint but I did have a hard time trying to figure out what it represented. I saw a highway, a fence, made the black spot into a building, the arch into a tunnel and the round circle into a light source. I went to make a coffee and tada! Expresso.

The next one is Energy. It almost looks a bit Asian to me only because of the ribbons of energy coming out of the knot at the center bottom.

And the last of the abstracts is called Moon Shine. Not because I drink the stuff, but because I see the moon shining, the wave of turquoise water, the flaming trees or maybe fire coming out of the green grassy earth and the abstract bird. Almost called it Elements.

When I paint, I quite often do not have a plan. My work simply happens. And the 3 abstracts happened.

Now it is back to where I would love to spend a month. In Italy relaxing in a villa overlooking the water. Well, I can dream. And needlepoint my dream.

Now I can concentrate on my packing and try to figure out which black skirts to pack. And which comfortable shoes to pack. Being on your feet on a concrete floor in 3 inch heels is a thing of the past. I have brains now and wear comfy shoes. But if the urge happens, I have nice 2 inch heels which tend to go into the tote by noon.