Monday, January 03, 2011

I Gave Birth

Finally, my new child...........

I wrote a book titled SharonG's Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations. I hope it will become known as SharonG's SENSE

It will preview  in a few days at the TNNA Winter Market. SENSE is the first in a series of about 12 books I plan to publish over the next few years.

SENSE is printed in a 5x8 format. A perfect size to live in your tote bags. I printed it on premium paper and it is spiral bound with clear cover protectors to guard against coffee dribbles. I decided to go the bit extra and use the spiral binding because I've seen too many comb bound books rapidly fall apart. My book should stand up to some loving use.

Here is a clip from the introduction...............


For many years, I have been saying, “I am going to write that book.” The time arrived.

This is the first book of a series. The series will include many theme stitches, borders, backgrounds, and stitches I designed plus many variations on well-loved needlepoint stitches.

Through my years of teaching needlepoint, I find there are certain stitches that we use repeatedly because they are the most versatile. It might be because they adapt to many weights of threads, might be fun to do, or they fit the need perfectly. This book is a collection of those “Simply Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations.” It belongs in every needlepoint tote bag. I hope it will become known as SharonG’s Needlepoint Sense.

The “SENSE” Collection is divided into 3 sections.

1. Stitches with very low texture and minimal pattern

pp. 8–16

2. Stitches with medium texture and no diagonal flow

pp. 17–41

3. Stitches with a well-defined diagonal flow

pp. 42–80

In my many years of teaching and needlepointing, I find I turn to the basics so often to bring a canvas to the perfect artistically pleasing finished stage. The basics executed with the perfect thread will work magic. Toss in the lighter coverage that is so popular today and let the artist’s paint shine through, complementing your stitches and threads.

The wrong stitch selection can ruin the outcome of your canvas. The biggest errors needlepointers make in selecting stitches are choosing stitches too large in scale, too heavy in texture, and having motion flowing in the wrong direction.

Speaking of motion, a diagonal sky or water can show wind, a stormy sky, or a rough sea. However, if you are going after a calm look, you need to stay away from any stitches with a diagonal flow.

In selecting a stitch for a garment such as Santa’s coat, you need to pay attention to the direction of the sleeves, the drape of the garment’s body, and the scale of the garment in relationship to the scale of the stitch.

Texture is very important. The texture should decrease from the foreground to the background. By adding too much texture to the background, your canvas will be too confusing and all perspective will be lost. Try to bring the most interesting, highest textured stitches to the foreground and decrease the texture as you needlepoint the background.

By following these simple guidelines and trusting your eye, you will end up with a beautiful needlepoint to display to the world.

Remember, if it does not look right, it probably is not. Take care of your errors immediately rather than wait or hope they go away. They probably will not. You will always see them rather than focus on the other beautiful parts of your canvas.

You will notice I use the word silk instead of floss. I love stranded silk and use it all the time. I love the way it reflects light. I love the rich color. Feel free to substitute any floss you prefer.

Needlepoint has come a long way in my lifetime. It is no longer wool with maybe a bit of floss.

For you all to enjoy!!!!!

Have a wonderful New Year Everyone.