Thursday, September 17, 2009


This evening I painted my last horses behind and am now caught up on all of the emergency orders for those. Now onto a few new designs that I will post when I get them done. Not much more to say. I am tired but am fiddling with a floral redesign. I need to enlarge the flowers and jazz up the colors.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Horses Behinds

A little birdie sent me an email telling me Chilly Hollow Jane posted a photo of my Graphic Girls horses behinds on her blog as the canvas of the day.

It is really a Graphic Girls day since I am nailed to my paint table painting half a dozen of them for shops who want them before the end of the month, which is faster than my painters can do them. So, there will be a half dozen painted by Sharon G BH02 graphic girls out there.

I am planning to do a series of stand up single horses behinds possibly themed around a monthly dozen. Stay tuned. Right now they are in my head and did not make it out of my hands yet and onto the canvas.

Here is a link to Chilly Hollow Jane's Blog.

Have a great day everyone. Hope you can get some needlepoint done. I am itching to do some myself but have other business stuff to tend to. Maybe on the plane and in the hotel room next week.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exciting News! Cyber Class!

I very recently returned from teaching at Designer's Desk in Geneva IL. I came home exhausted and that is good. Means I worked hard. I taught two days of embellishment and a two day class on the Vases Canvas shown earlier in the blog.

Get your calendar out. I am returning December 2nd thru the 5th for more embellishment classes. I will also be back next year sometime. Dates to be announced.

You can contact the shop by phone at 1-800-377-8087 or through the website.

Every time I ventured to the main floor of the shop, (Designer's Desk is in an old Victorian House with an elevator and has 3 floors jammed with goodies) I saw some needlepointers who ventured down from Seminar either during or after. It was great fun to reconnect.

Pat Delp, the owner, asked me to do a cyber class sponsored by her shop. We are working out the details and will have more information very soon. It will be set up in a Yahoo Group. I have a feeling this will be the start of my cyber class gigs.

I do love teaching. And I do know it is sometimes impossible to travel to the shops where I teach. Thus a well run cyberclass will fit he needs of so many. You can even wear your Jammies, although I doubt Pat would mind if you showed up to her shop wearing Jammies.

The shop hosted a trunk show while I was there. It will be packed up on 9/20/09. Lots of canvases found new homes and will be lovingly needlepointed by their new owners. The horses behinds seen earlier in my blog trotted out the door. They may have one or two left.

I can see these done up a lively finished pillows.

I have several things I need to finish up and a few more stitch guides to write before I get my hands on one to stitch.

Another peek into the future of the Sharon G line...I do have plans to have single horses behinds that can be stand-ups. They will be kinda a horse behind of the month, often designed around holiday themes and maybe a few designed just because they happened.

They are trendy and a bit edgy. I think they will appeal to the younger needlepointer but keep in mind, most were purchased by women in their 50-60's age bracket that needed something fun to do.

And, they were designed by me who will be 60 in Feb 10!

Missy, Pat's very fast electric needle needlepointing daughter did an embellishment class on the Christmas Horses. I had no trouble talking Missy into using beads.

More later...I need to get some painting done and pack up for my trip to St Louis area next week. There is a TNNA hotel room show in St Charles MO and I need to be there.