Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sharon G Needlepoint

Sharon G Needlepoint

I am home from a three week teaching marathon. The next time I need to touch a suitcase will be the early part of January. Then it will remain unpacked till summer.

Classes were in Ridgewood Needlepoint in NJ, Fireside Stitchery in PA and at Needlenook of LaJolla.

It was a fun time and last night I slept for 9 hours which is double the time I normally sleep in two days. I feel good and am ready to play catch up here at the office and studio. Both are in the same room . But it sounds good.

I have some good pictures to post of the finished items and they will also be on my web site soon along with my teaching schedule for next year.

Maybe even a cyber class!

And they will come with stitch guides. I was told by students they are the best stitch guides they have seen. It was a lot of work and years of experience in teaching to come up with a good user friendly format.