Friday, September 22, 2006


A while back I blogged about doing a billion French Knots on Tuscan Cove.

I am all done complaining. As many of you know, French Knots rank right up there with Turkey work as my least favorite stitches. But some times you have to do what you have to do, like it or knot!

I do like the result. When you embellish a canvas and also try to do a realistic interpretation, you limit yourself to a certain few stitches. French knots did the trick with the trees. I called them sloppy French knots since I did nothing consistent. I used anywhere from 2 to 4 strands of silk at one time, blended colors, did up to 6 wraps and came up with good looking trees and flowers.

Maybe a future cyber class? The threads were a pleasure to work with. Except for the roof tops and the border and one color of Splendor silk, the entire canvas was done with Gloriana silks.

I will be showing you a few more canvases I finished over the summer. Many of which I will be teaching in the coming months at several shops. My schedule will be posted on my web site.

Congratulations to Dale Miller

Dale Miller won a ribbon for her entry of Catwalk at the recent ANG Seminar in Tucson AZ.

I am so proud of Dale and also Brenda Hart, who had a hand in selecting the stitches for the winning entry.

Here it is naked. I will post a picture of the finished needlepoint as soon as my camera can meet up with Dale's Masterpiece.

Again, thank you to Dale for spending her time needlepointing one of my designs.

Stay tuned for a photo of the finished masterpiece.