Sunday, February 05, 2006

February 5 chaos

Hello everyone! And hello to me since I am the only one who currently knows I have a blog. Well, I hope I remember this one. Not the first blog I did. The others were done and forgotten when I forgot my own blog address.

I am stitching away on Tuscan Cove finishing up a few fields that had me stumped. Finally got unstumpped but am now running out of time.

Story of my life.

I work best at night, sleep best from 3AM till 7AM so I guess I am on schedule. Somehow it all gets done.

So it is back to French knots and figuring out what is next. I love the challenge but wish I had another week. Finally got to like French knots. Guess I had to mature to 55 years old to learn to like them. Have flashbacks form childhood when I did loads of French knots, Lazy Daisy and stem stitches on countless pillow cases and dresser scarves.

Phyllis needs to go out, I need coffee, the wind is blowing the trash cans all over the yard, I have laundry to do, orders to ship, canvas to paint, instructions to write, floors to vacuum, light bulbs to replace in the garage (lights have been out for weeks but I use a flash light to put clothes in the dryer) dishes to put in the dishwasher and tons of other stuff. I have to unpack the freight before I replace the suitcases to go Thursday Morning.

I am teaching in Chicago at Designer's Desk. More later when I get time to think.

Well I have lots of time to think when I stitch but little time to react to what I think.

Someone said it is Super Bowl Sunday. Well for me it was toilet bowl Sunday. I finally brushed the toilet bowls.



ndleartnut said...

I too found your blog from Ndlepoint etc. It is fun to read. I am presently working on your Martini Bra and Tap pants for my neice. The background called for a special idea so I am doing the shape of a Martini Glass in an off white. Will post photos when done.

Brenda said...

Hi Sharon,
Yes, you have definitly out done yourself this time. So far in my classes I have done your Winter, Summer, Lavender Fields,Luna Moth, Lofts, Intersections, Electric City, Catwalk, Moonfly, and Riviera. This is all I can think of right now. I've probably done other new ones. I can't wait to do all the ones listed above for myself. I will be working on Catwalk and Riviera stitch guides for you very soon. Good luck on a good market. Wish I could have been there. Brenda Hart